Against the Petition to Mandate the Filipino Dialect in Tertiary Education

Against the Petition to Mandate the Filipino Dialect in Tertiary Education. 

THERE IS THIS move of some people to mandate the Filipino dialect in tertiary education. 

Now, this is something curious, and with years and years of being brainwashed with the use of this Filipino dialect in basic education, we are going the route of naive nationalism again, the same naive nationalism inaugurated during the Commonwealth regime of Quezon.

It was during that regime of 19th century nationalism that Tagalog was declared--and rammed into our throat--as the national language.

Later on, with sleight of hand tactic, Tagalog was renamed Pilipino, and then renamed Filipino once again.

All peoples of this country must be served notice that this is the wrong way to go in tertiary education, and that this brainwashing a la Gulag archipelago and Animal Farm is going to continue outside the K-12, and will turn every Tomas, Diko, and Hari into insensitive and callous citizens.

In a nation state that is as diverse and multiple as the Philippines, the best and most effective and most efficient language is the language of social justice and cultural democracy and emancipatory education.

The nominalist argument for the continued teaching of Filipino in college and university is unjust, unfair, inefficient.


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