An investment on ignorance from a naive nationalist of the lowest kind

An investment on ignorance from a naive nationalist of the lowest kind.

THIS IS not to dignify the accusation of a certain David Michael San Juan, allegedly an academic of De La Salle University.

From the Tanggol Wika, Juan Gabriel López Eugenio took a screen grab, and posted it. I saw the same screen grab from Aron De La Verdad and I decided to post it on my wall as well.

My point is that there are two possibilities of silence.

One, the silence of the lambs. It is the silence of those people who have learned to love their oppression, and thus, by the miraculous force of some unholy spirit out there, learn to be resigned to their faith and submit to whatever comes in their life. It is the silence of the cattle train going to Dachau. It is that prayer of the millions who were gassed in those chambers built for the purpose of reducing each resister to smithereens by a man, Hitler, who loved his German national language so much as well as his homeland that he invoked nationalism and patriotism--the two mantras--all the time especially when he was justifying his gassing of these people who did not have any idea he was lunatic.

Two, the silence of full understanding, the silence that is mystical, the silence where language is beyond language, the silence where language is not needed, when speech is not necessary, when understanding is its own definition.

Now comes the accusation of this academic--and I am not going to write his name here because he might enjoy the attention given him, this attention-seeking naive nationalist representing himself as a 'nationalist' and a 'patriot' (read, read!): "The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is funding the current anti-Filipino trend among the pseudo-intellectuals. Writers of anti-Filipino articles are in the payroll of the CIA. Their articles follow the same script: wrongly attack the national language as a mere imposition of 'imperial Manila', pit the mother tongue activists against advocates of the national language; while at the same time using English to condemn 'Tagalog imperialism.' [Retrieved from Tanggol Wika via a screen grab, 29 June 2014, by J G L Eugenio]

Several points--and I am breaking my silence. I refuse. I resist. 

1. The accusation that CIA is funding these efforts of people in the periphery is something that he has yet to prove. You have no proof, get lost. Scram.

2. He says the 'writers of anti-Filipino articles are on the payroll of the CIA. Still, if you have no proof to offer, you cannot say this thing. Scram.

3. He says: these writers "wrongly attack the national language as a mere imposition of 'imperial Manila'". True, true, and true. He should know the history of that imposition. Its genesis is in the 1934-1935 proceedings of the Constitutional Assembly. He should read the backdoor maneuverings. So: scram.

4. He says: the writers 'pit mother tongue activists against advocates of the national language'. Ow, come on, dude: the mother tongue activists are the same people who have been at the receiving end of this 80-year old oppressive. So: scram.

5. He says: the writers use "English to condemn 'Tagalog imperialism.'" Of course! Why would we use his Tagalog which is the instrument of his own illusory empire? And he uses English to tell the writers that they are on the payroll of the CIA? We challenge this academic to write an international conference paper held abroad and let us see if someone is going to listen to him despite the fact that the likes of him claim that his Tagalog is a 'global language.' So: scram.

In fine, this guy has no argument.


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