Nardong Kupit

Nardong Putik to Nardong Kupit.

THERE IS picture of the jailed senator, Bong Revilla, going around social media and is picking up steam wherever this mal aire--the evil wind--hits something, say the area of self-evident truth lodged in the mind of the wiser Onoys. 

These are the wiser Ordinary Pinoys. 

The picture has the 'pogi' looks of the senator, his smile about to burst, the light of the sun all aglow and hitting his clear eyes, as if seeing the phantom of the inimitable Nardong Putik, the phantom looming large before him and accusing him, 'You are just a trying-hard, second-rate copycat!'

That mug shot--but shot sideways--is the confident poise of a man who has entertained in his head the limitless possibilities of running the affairs of 100M people, majority of whom are politically and culturally illiterate as they have through the years kept on electing leaders of the brutish kind.

There is that thing in philosophical psychology that talks about brutes, those animals separate from Man the Animal because of their irrationality, their lack of reason, and their inability to put two and two together.

We have a generous display of these brutish attributes lately, and we repeat these attributes here: irrationality and the incapacity to use the grey matter between the ears.

Below that mug shot--the kind we want to keep in our eternally flattened Seiko wallet--is the phrase: NARDONG KUPIT.

That is your Revilla for you: Nardong Kupit! 

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