A doctrine called 'national language.'

A doctrine called 'national language.' 

FOR 79 YEARS, we have believed in this doctrine and for more than two generations, we have come to believe in this doctrine as a matter of fact. 

Like the Goebbels in every advocate of the national language, we have been a party to the repetition of a lie until this lie now has become truth. 

That was the enchanting power of Goebbels in Nazi Germany, with Adolf Hitler the Fuhrer creating that Ministry of Propaganda for that purpose of disseminating untruths until these untruths become the truths of what that one heck of an academic from De La Salle called his 'motherland'.

[On a side note: see his fixation with the mother, that Oedipal disposition of the mind with that sexualization of his country into a 'mother'. Oedipus Rex: open your blind eyes! Solve the riddle of the Phoenix! And--and: give up your crown, you king!']

The New Oxford American Dictionary says of a doctrine: 'a belief or set of beliefs held and taught by a church, political party, or other group'.

The teaching of Tagalog/P/Filipino has become doctrinal, with every person in this country brainwashed to believe that: 1. we have a national language that La Salle academic would readily defend and die for, and even would commit murder by shooting pointblank those who cross his doctrine, and 2. this national language will lead us to progress, development, freedom, and democracy like Japan.


For a good to be good, it must be entirely good, its methods included.

The method in the institution of the national language is outrightly wrong, and it was based on deception.

The theory followed in the constitution of this national language is outrightly worng, and it was based on the myopic vision of Tagalogism.

Any which way you see, this is is immoral.

And there is no way one can ever--ever--justify an immoral act even if this is committed in the name of a nation.


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