Defining Tagalogism and the evil it has wrought

Defining Tagalogism and the evil it has wrought. 

TAGALOGISM IS a mindset. The French, also oppressors and colonizers and invaders, but now parading as a country marked by 'liberte, egalite, fraternite,' has a term for this: mentalite. 

An old picture, circa 1908, and retrieved by our activist-scientist Joven Ramirez, tells us of the foundation of this Tagalogism that found its way into the Commonwealth Regime, with Quezon presiding over the act and ritual of linguicide in the name of his Tagalog language and that lame excuse of 'unity' and 'nationalism' (well, with the nation run like hell by Filipinos): "Ang sino man na may gusto sa pagiging alipin ay sumama sa Americano ang may gusto sa kalayaan ay sa Tagalog."

With that, we have set this Tagalogism as the principle of nationhood: Tagalog versus Americans, Tagalogism versus Americanism.

Today, however, we swallow our pride, and we have run to Mother America, took up its English, and make the economy afloat through our English competency courtesy of the BPOs that now are the very few markets for our college graduates who can manage to 'spokening' dollah-dollah.

This is hypocrisy at its pinnacle, orgasmic as it is, with the University of the Philippines, for instance, giving incentives to its academics and professors and researchers if they can publish in refereed journals abroad. The last time I heard, it was something like P50,000 for an essay published in English and in other international languages.

Tagalogism is an an expression of ethnocentrism, and subtly following initially the way of the Nazis, with Hitler declaring as gospel truth the love of country via expression of nationalism and patriotism.

We do not learn at all.

We do not see the failures of fascism in a language, and in the imposition of a national language for that matter.

We are blind to the fact that multilingualism and diversity in the Philippines are natural phenomena, and that our people can easily navigate from one language to another when the need requires.

This Tagalogism, may I say, is not the fault of the Tagalog people.

It is the design of the language and culture and educational fascists in the Philippines. All of them are hiding behind the nationalism of their own definition

That definition of nationalism, of course is the illogic of isomorphism, to wit, Tagalog/Pilipino/Filipino=nationalism.

We might as well allow our languages to go extinct the way that San Juan guy wants to happen, with his declaration that them nationalists and patriots should shoot the advocates of diversity and multilingualism 'point-blank.'

Ah, the blood of linguistic martyrs will stain them, the Tagalogista, as they have blemished the mentalite of other peoples of this wretched country.


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