There are more and more of us. And what the silent majority of the othered peoples are saying.

There are more and more of us. And what the silent majority of the othered peoples are saying.

THERE IS SO much beating for the othered peoples and their othered languages in the Philippines now. 

Among many academics who have that capacity to think outside the box, there is that herd mentality about what constitutes a homeland of diversity, and it is a homeland of diversity because it is respectful of variety. It does not hold as its gospel the oneness of people speaking a single language and thinking of a single thought.

But that is what these advocates of the national language is going to do. It is, in fact, what they want done: to make every person in the Philippines take part in the most comprehensive and universal linguicide of all time by making them speak the schizophrenic language lumped up in that slash/slash, to wit, Tagalog/Pilipino/Filipino.

But here is one from the emai, one written with honesty by Benjie. The email is from the Defenders of Indigenous Languages of the Archipelago [email, 8 Jul 2014]:

"Noontime of July 2, 2014 I was someplace where over the span of a minute somebody's TV set fixed on Eat Bulaga or something like that was loud enough to be heard. They had this little miss contest going on with a child picked up from the Visayas starting the interview portion. They also had somebody act as interpreter asking questions in broken Cebuano to the little girl who answered back in the Tagalog national language as best she can. For the talent portion, I heard her begin singing a Tagalog song.

"I know there are some who push for multilingualism out of sincerity but as it is the practice of multilingualism is a fraud. The pretense is that multilingualism accommodates the non-Tagalog languages in public functions but just like with the little girl in my true to life account, the end of the story is Tagalog.

"Multilingualism should be a general condition and not a particular imposition. In the kind of multilingualism I accept, there are many, many languages all over the Philippines but they have little to do with each other and no killing each other. What Marcos and Aquino did was to put Tagalog in a position to kill the other languages by making it the top dog of multilingualism.

"Tagalogistas have over several decades managed to grab for themselves exclusive ownership of words like nationalism, patriotism and Filipino. They can do the same with multiculturalism and multilingualism becoming code words for allowing Tagalog free rein in our provinces. Bridges are good things for children if what they do is not to bring them over to the Tagalog side. Let the bridge bring them back to us non-Tagalogs instead."

Now, here is for the Tagalogistic-oriented people.


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