Thinking on our feet and the issue of a fascistic 'national language'.

Thinking on our feet and the issue of a fascistic 'national language'.

LET THE OFFICE of the President and the Department of Budget bring out all those records that talk about how the DAP monies were spent and let us see if P-Noy is thinking on his feet. 

That seems to be his argument now: that his sense of the executive, quoting Mabini, that has that capacity to think on its feet.

What P-Noy intentionally missed in that argument is that even in the act of thinking on our feet, we are still bound by law to follow its requirements.

The imposition a fascistic 'national language' is not--never--an act of thinking on our feet.

We read only the intentions of those who did this abominable act, from Quezon and the rest of them, and we realize that we have been hoodwinked all along.

Read the Proceedings of the 1934-1935 Constitutional Convention, yes, that convention that produced the 1935 Constitution, and we get a glimpse of the maneuverings that happened.

In at least two of the Inquirer columns of Vicente Albano Pacis on the language provisions, he called this act of thinking on its feet 'criminal'.

Education in one's own language is fundamental.

It is a fundamental human right.

It is also fundamental to use one's own language and not an imposed national language.

Now, we ask: are these 'othered nations' in the Philippine Republic now given the right to 'think on their feet' as well?

Or, is the definition of P-Noy of 'thinking on one's feet' applies only when it serves him and his purposes and his rationalizing?


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