To Settle In the Currents

To settle

in the currents

is what leads

you here

towards the seas.

You permit

the waves

to come home

to your heart

and you take them all,

one at a time


gulping for air

but staying afloat.

It is the morning


your mind,

its early hours

the many days

that you prayed

for the dawn

to come right smack

into the shores of your

strained loves.

In the cold sand,

the dunes meet up

with the wind going wild

and beneath your feet

are the memories

of loss and redemption

the currents give.

Today in this morning

of your waking

to glories hidden

in the blue waters,

their expanse covering

all that you can withhold

from within,

you cry rivulets

in velvet and red.

Everything began

in a dream

and here you are

trying to live

and let live

in a land

where dreams

loss their own

little meanings.

A. S. Agcaoili

The Inquirer Editorial

Jul 29/05

Carson, CA 90745

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