2006 Rountable Discussion Between MMSU and UH Manoa Ilokano Program

Let history set the date: today is the 2006 first-ever roundtable discussion between the Mariano Marcos State University System thru its Board of Regents and the University of Hawaii Manoa's Ilokano and Philippine Drama and Film Program. The discussion is centered on two things: the resistance of the onslaught of hegemonizing forces that inaugurate the death of Ilokoness and Amiananness, and the reclaining of the Ilokano and Amianan sense of self, others, and community in a concerted, communal effort to transcent the homogenizing power of a globalized, internationalized, and nationalized--and therefore, naturalized--cultures that make it certain that minority because minoritized cultures do not have the right to exist and survive and live on.

The discussion was worth it, with minds and men and women in their best understanding of what missioning and visioning and goal-setting is all about.

Maituloyto, apo....

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