Selda 11

(News from home: the verdict is guilty for the raping military man, Dec. 4, 2006)

It does not come as a surprise,
this verdict of mad moons
long shadows in evenings
when darkness is as dark
as your hand groping
my thighs, fear in my head,
one with no name.

Is there so much power
in the color of your eyes,
you foreign man
your might in the color
of your skin
the color of your dollars
the color of your dreams
against us?

You came to spell terror
upside down and you wish
now you never came
in these islands
and I have never met
your lusting eyes.

I remember now:
The evening was young
when you came to tell me
your name, false as false
in your desire to take all of me
my person my love my loving
my heart my future my child
my man may memory my country
my all you man of the strange ways
of men and enemies who have forgotten
what humanity means
even in the unfamiliar places
we have met
you who could have come
to whisper to me the secrets
of signs at the break of dawn
here or in your land.

I knew I had to fight
and the knowledge that came
to me was not easy
as it comes from the light,
luminous in the pitch black
I came from.

Today says it all:
Selda onse is all yours.

A. Solver Agcaoili
UH Manoa
Dec 4/06

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