A welcoming spirit, a good vibe.

A welcoming spirit, a good vibe. 
THERE IS this urgency of welcoming the new year with a good spirit and a good vibe. 
We know that human times are, well, human times, subjected to the vagaries of human existences, and prone to the vicissitudes of will and the power that goes with it. 
Or its exact opposite: the lack of will, the lack of power. 
In an instant, the crackling sounds are over. 
In an instant, the lights that dance are no longer residents of the dark skies, the heavens as before the 12 midnight hour now enveloped in silence and perhaps, perhaps, receiving all the mortal prayers of the finite world of men, women, children.
Yonder are some scalawag noises that rise from some indecipherable latitudes, the angles on which their sense of display of what could pass off as illumination also unknown. 
Here we are again like before, residents of the universe and citizens of life. 
We hear of the need for a song, its rhythms coming from the beat of the world, its lyrics from our anguished cry for what is right and just and fair, its cadence that of a morning breaking from the small wee hours of the night that refuse to sleep, this night that is on eternal vigil. 
There are no other lyrics that can think of despite distractions from bishops doing part-time work as tragic comedians in a royal wedding somewhere in the heart of Cubao and blessing a wedding of a lifetime marked by callousness and ostentatiousness. 
Despite all these, we answer this call to life, one lived in dignity and self-respect, one lived according to the requisites of what is fair. 
There is no other requirement, it seems, in 2015. 
This said, to all of you, blessings, blessings, blessings!

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