The not-so-great train robbery in Imperial Manila.

The not-so-great train robbery in Imperial Manila. 
LET ME BE honest about one thing: the Metro Trains--three lines--encircling the blighted Metro Manila is one mode of public transportation that has spelled convenience to some of us who live there.
Life has been less of a hassle because of these trains, especially when they were coming on time, were efficient, and were affordable. 
But things are getting harder and harder nowadays, and politicians are kowtowing to the whims and caprice of the government's foreign partners, and the government has awarded a monthly maintenance contract to APL Global in the millions ((PhP 59M per month), but these trains are never maintained, the tracks more so. 
The findings of the Hong Kong consulting firm are the same things we already know--that these trains are in bad condition, and the whole facilities more so. 
One of the efficient ways of management is include the cost of maintenance, and project what is needed in the years, including cost for improvement. Failing to do that, the management vision is plain stupidity. 
DO NOT pass that stupidity to the commuters. These are already saddled with the high cost of living this blighted metropolis, and transferring the cost of these management stupidities to them is plain nonsense. 
Hence, the militants are right in calling this The Great Train Robbery. 
Except that the trains are not great, and their owners are greedy. 
P-Noy and Abaya and Coloma are saying there are only a few people objecting to the fare hike? Come on, be honest, people!
There are 1.3M commuters using the trains daily. You are looking at them as your milking cow. 
Indeed, it is. This PPP thing re the trains is one case of robbery. 

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