Ocho-ocho. Or, how phallic symbols get the better of us sometimes.

Ocho-ocho. Or, how phallic symbols get the better of us sometimes. 
THIS idea of the gun as a--the--phallic symbol is not something strange, as those towers of commerce and unrestrained and immoral capitalism such us big buildings and skyscrapers are exhibits of phallic success and phallic greed and phallic abuse for those who have everything to prove as males, whether these males are in New York City, London, the Vatican, Ayala or elsewhere. 
For those males unable to put two and two together about the male mind--and thus the resort to booze and to the bang-bang-bang of a 'paltik' gun from Danao, registered or unregistered--the law and its rationality never gets into their hollowed heads. 
No, there is nothing in there, in their heads. 
Yes, their heads have but air. Angin, in Ilokano. 
Holes. Useless holes. These are the eight males for you, the ocho-ocho males afflicted with machismo in the wrong places, their freakin' fingers and crotch area included. 
The erect penis--and never mind those that would be harmed--is that matters. 
In the video, we see their arrogant and mindless banter. 
Ah, males and dubious manhood and phallic symbols. 
So we have their names, according to GMA News Network. 
Eight people were involved, and pronto, they took out their FB accounts to hide the proof of their stupidity, but some people were more brilliant, and so we have screen grabs of these, and the video was safely saved elsewhere, away from their phallic minds with no phallic possibilities at all.
Ah, there are people who are not worthy of that appellation, not at all.
Trigger-happy, these males. 
They should better be sent elsewhere, say, in the places of the Boko Haram, so they can help rescue the missing girls. 
The evidence of their stupidity is embedded in the GMA story below.

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