Bautista and billions of the Marcos money.

Bautista and billions of the Marcos money.
THERE IS SOMETHING redeeming among some--but only some--big shot leaders of government in da Filipins. 
We may not like Leila de Lima but we know she makes sense. 
We may not like Kim Henares but we now she makes sense. 
We may not like this Andres Bautista guy, head of the PCGG, but he makes sense. 
He wants to have an accounting of the P168B remitted by the PCGG to the Philippines treasury.
He says he is not going paranoid, that he trusts the government, that all these monies from the Marcoses--now, now, tell us: where did all these Marcos uber-wealth come from?--have to go back to the people. 
But are these monies supposed to be where they are supposed to be? 
What happened to the cache of jewelry of Mrs Imelda Marcos? 
Some say that some powerful people have divided the spoils of the change of abusive regimes, and that these people have taken these and given to their wives and relatives, some resized somewhere in Hong Kong, some redesigned so Mrs Marcos would not recognize these any longer. 
You think da Filipins is the home of the praying people, with something like 80 percent Catholic, which is why Pope Francis is coming to bless these two Catholic believers in January, the rich Catholics who are friends of bishops and priests on the one hand, and the poor Catholics who go to Church only thrice in their lifetime, one when they are baptized, second when they are married, and the last when they die? 
No, no: da Filipins is also the home of the preying people.
Those are the people who prey upon the other people while they are busy praying. 
Now, now, Mr Bautista: do not listen to the abusive leaders who will cart away whatever money has been left of these Marcos billions. 
Listen to the cry of the wretched people who deserve something better, better than what P-Noy is offering, and much, much better than what B-Nay is promising.

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