Reymar Generoso, 1, dead.

Reymar Generoso, 1, dead. 
HERE WE ARE again. 
This inutile belief that we need to light firecrackers and throw them away from us in order to drive away all the malas of the previous year has proven that what we are doing is plain and simple stupidly wrong. 
Some idiot of a firecracker thrower could have thrown it to himself, and with his psychopathic tendency, he could have done the Philippine world a good thing by decreasing the number of morons of that country. 
But being an imbecile, he did not. 
Instead, he gamely lighted his firecracker and threw it on the street. 
The lighted firecracker landed on the passengers of a tricycle, injuring a father and his son. 
Five hours after, the one year old infant is dead. 
These are the Generosos for you. That is their surname: Generoso. Generous. 
Raymar the generous has generously offered his life, an infantile sacrifice, like Isaac, to this collective psychopathology of the peoples of da Filipins. 
It is the beginning of the year, and this moron did not give that one-year old infant a fair chance to run around the Philippine earth.
Too young, too soon, and unless we write poems for him, his death will be reduced to a statistic in the list of the Department of Health and the police. 
A certain MrRead has commented on this Inquirer story. He talked about da Filipinas as beautiful country, but half of its people are dimwits. 
Another one replied: no, make that three-fourths. Still, another one said, it is 80 percent: 80 percent idiots, morons, imbeciles, inutiles--ah, take your pick. 
And to you, Raymar Generoso: thank you for your gift of life and your gift of death. Thank you for reminding us that we are taking the road road to life lived in fullness. 

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