Skeletons of a dream of peace and justice for a homeland.

Skeletons of a dream of peace and justice for a homeland. 
I CHALLENGE THIS PNOY if he knows the meaning of being president in a homeland like the Philippines. 
I challenge him if he knows the fundamentals of a social contract, or if at all he read some political philosophy that should now teach him how to govern, how to rule, and how to act presidential with grace and poise, and with statesmanship. 
I challenge him if he knows that he is obligated to act as the leader of the 100M peoples of the Philippines, and not the leader of his four sisters, and his family who, the truth be told, suffered a lot during the Marcos dictatorship. 
But this must be said about their family's suffering. 
His family sacrificed a lot, his father's, but then that life is no more than the life of thousands who had to go through the same ordeal. 
His being an Aquino does not make him more, and the others' lives, being non-Aquinos, do not make these lesser. 
One death too many: that must be the condition of that social contract, with every life accounted for, with every family accounted, with every story accounted for, with every nostalgia like Aquino's accounted for.
No: the Aquinos and the Cojuangcos are never God-sent. 
In the building up of a nation, a homeland, a country, all lives must be accounted, and this must be told this lameduck president who does not know his leadership logic at all: each life is as precious as the other, and his father's sacrifice is not--never--more than the sacrifice of others. 
With his leadership, we have but the remains--the skeletons--of a dream of peace based on justice for all our peoples. 
What a waste, these six years given him to misrule over all of us.
Only Kris, with her popularity skyrocketing, benefitted. Kris, of course, promised to stop acting on television should her brother run for the presidency and win. 
She never fulfilled her promise. 
Ah, the remains of our dreams.

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