Mentally dishonest and an inutile president called PNoy.

Mentally dishonest and an inutile president called PNoy. 
FROM OUR OWN EARTH we have carved under the sun, we wake up to all the blessings of the universe and all the unceasing troubles of a homeland we know deep in our hearts. 
It is a homeland of a president who makes a statement about a massacre of his own police people four days after the event. 
It is a homeland of a president who never cares to attend, even if only for a show, the coming home of the 42 dead, 3 or 4 of them from Cagayan according to a friend, and 12, according to a latest report, from the Cordilleras, some of these known to friends I know. This makes the whole narrative of political and military stupidity the more irking, annoying, and vexing. 
It is a homeland of a president who looks at the presidency as his fiefdom, with all the troubles of this homeland reduced to his own personal narrative, and unable to get past what happened to his family during the dark days of the dictatorship. 
Jesus H. Christ! Many people suffered more, and we are to remind him, this megalomaniac of a president, so many lives were sacrificed and were never recognized as heroes, even given all the media hype he now is benefitting from, he and his sister Kris. What more does this president want? 
From those little sacrifices his family went through--we must remember that they benefitted from exile in Boston--they had all the elite history of the homeland to themselves, first with his mother, and now his. And his extended family too, with the whole clan holding on to the Hacienda Luisita which purpose was not for them to claim forever in the first place but whose corporatist nature protected by his mother. 
The flow of coffins draped with the tricolors of the land is not amusing, and this president does not care, permitting only Coloma to come up with flimsy excuses, and that other girl mouthing those empty words, alibis all to give more pogi points to their inutile boss. 
The trouble with the peoples of the Philippines is that they have remained not enraged by all these, allowing even the political elite to continue abusing them.
We never learn.

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