Hail to the fallen!

Hail to the fallen! 
EVEN IF this president, who, by the vote of the stupid electorate became president, does not care much about the fallen, we must express our collective grief and thank those who gave that ultimate sacrifice to make sense of duty to a homeland and civics and citizenship. 
These are three things we now have to question as perhaps lacking or missing or insufficient in this sitting lameduck president. 
We look at these flag-draped coffins and we see him sneering, perhaps laughing at the Santa Rosa inauguration he attended even as these 42 coffins were being unloaded from the military planes. 
We check the images, and we continue to believe in our peoples, plural, and not our political elites. 
No one among them has some decency and self-respect, has no sense of civics and citizenship, has no sense of duty to the homeland. 
Everyone of them are political leeches, sucking blood from already blood-drained people, many of them well-meaning, but simply tontos and idiots and apathetic and afflicted with hero worship, idolotry, and Eat Bulaga sensibilities. 
We need to ask the hard questions.
We need to ask the difficult questions. 
We need to do a SWOT of what gives with this inutile president who always thinks, in a nostalgic way, of what happened to his family every instance he gets. Ladies and gentlemen: his presidency is all about himself!
Now, now: he must see these images of the fallen, and for real, he must now say, Hail, hail, hail to the fallen!

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