The problem with Father Zerrudo.

The problem with Father Zerrudo. 
THE PROBLEM WITH Father Zerrudo is his age-old Dark Ages mentality. 
Until now, he has not escaped from this Europecentric thinking that made it possible for his Catholic Church to become one of the many instruments of the loss of peoples of their sense of self.
The self-centered, megalomaniacal position he holds onto does not even recognize the callousness of the bishops and priests presiding over a royal blessing for a royal wedding in his Diocese of Cubao while Typhoon Seniang was battering another part of the country. 
Include, of course, Zerrudo's president, and all those visitors grinning from ear-to-ear while so many people in impoverished, typhoon-ravaged places lay dead, the others wretches scrambling to presumed safer places. 
Avoid fung shui, he says.
Fung shui attracts the devil, he adds.
I do not where this priest studied his oriental philosophy, if at all he did.
Of, if he took up some elementary cultural studies such as anthropology 101. 
The likes of Zerrudo, who sports the 'reverend father' before his esteemed name is one species of ministers of the cloth who does not deserve to be given the pulpit. 
Like Padre Damaso he pronounces those unscientific statements that only suggests to us he never heard, or refuses to hear, the chi or the ying-and-yang or the prana. 
He does not know of multiverse?
He believes only in the singularity of his universe, with him at the top of the echelon of power, and the guardian of human knowledge, human epistemologies, and practices of the meaningful because these make sense?

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