Saludos--and weep for a homeland.

Saludos--and weep for a homeland. 
I WATCHED this film produced by the Philippine Air Force on the ceremony welcoming the flag-draped coffins of the 42 dead, and I could only weep.
Peoples of the Philippines: we all must weep for the remains of our dreams.
These are our dreams of and for peace based on justice, and never our dreams for opportunists like them dynasts of the land, them who think they have the right to be nostalgic about their families' sacrifices and pay only lip service to the sacrifices of others. 
Some of them have led good lives in Boston, and when they came back, the presidency was theirs, first the mother and wife, and now, this son who has no sensitivity to the grief of others unless otherwise he connects it with his own stories.
The last time we checked, ladies and gentlemen of the Philippines, PNoy is the commander in chief. 
Last time we checked, traditions of statesmanship calls for the courage to admit one's own iniquities, and say to the citizens of the land these words: "The buck stops with me. I am sorry to have failed you. And I failed you big time." 
But no. 
The real señorito that he is, this president does not make sense at all.
Now, watch this film, and please, please, please let us all weep with the widows, the fatherless children both born and unborn, and the grieving relatives.
And let us weep for this homeland of the callous and the cheats. 

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