Coming Full Circle (1)

Once in a long, long, long time ago, there was a young father who had to make a difficult decision.

That decision had something to do with his books.

But his pre-term son, name after him, well, was born pre-term, and had to be left in the hospital for almost three weeks because, well, he was pre-term, with the capacity to take in infection because of yet to be developed bodily organs and immune system.

His eyes would tear up.

His tear ducks had not yet opened.

He caught colds easily.

His lungs were not yet ready for the world out of the womb, the world filled with microorganisms.

When the time came for the young father to pay the bills, his money was not enough.

So he had to let go, his books.

He got them one by one, and went to the second hand bookstores by Morayta who bought his expensive books for a bargain.

The father had no choice.

He had to bring his young son home.

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