Saaw, Ilokano Lexicography


saaw 1. a failure 2. a frustration 3. a disappointment 4. a miscarriage 5. a vacuity 6. indiscretion 7. a thwarting 8. a foiling 9. an act of being inconsiderate 10. an act of being baffled 11. an act resulting in having nothing in the end 12. cf. agsasaw, mangsaaw, masaaw, panagsaaw, pannakaisaaw 13. ex. ‘Maysa a dakkel a saaw ti di panangitungpal ti presidente iti karina a nainkagimongan a justisia.’—‘The president’s failure to pursue his promise of social justice is a big disappointment.’

Source: A Solver Agcaoili, Contemporary English-Ilokano Dictionary.

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