Nakem Advisory, 8th Nakem, October 31, 2013


NAKEM Advisory on PPT, Videos, complete paper, presentation procedures 

For all those presenting or reading a paper, individually or in a panel: 

1. Please prepare your PowerPoint presentation—if you intend to use this technology—with no more than 10 slides.

2. Please make it sure that only the keywords—or buzzwords—are on each of the slides. Dense slides—with copy-and-pasted materials from a page of your research—are discouraged.

3. These keywords are to help you in your presentation and therefore, your visual field must be kept minimal to avoid distraction.

4. Please save your slides on a .ppt extension [not .pptx].

5. Please send this to us at no later than November 7, 2013, Hawaii Pacific Time. We will all collate these materials and test them for compatibility.

6. We have plans of editing and uploading your papers to the Nakem website, and eventually select some for our forthcoming Nakem anthologies. We therefore expect your full paper on November 7, 2013. Please send the same to the Nakem email.

7. Please make it sure that before you pack your bag for your trip to the United States you have a USB copy of your presentation.

8. If you have other audio-video materials that go with you presentation, please send these to us as well.

9. Presentation is 15 minutes for individuals, and 5 minutes will be allotted for the Q&A.

Mahalo nui loa.

--The 2013 Nakem Conference Organizing Committee

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