DISIDENTE AND OTHER BOOKS FOR LAUNCHING at the 1st International Congress on the Ilokano Language

1.     DISIDENTE A BALIKAS Ken Dadduma Pay a Daniw (Dissident Word and Other Poems)  [An anthology of 50 poems. The collection pushes the boundary of word and its possibilities to account the ugly realities of today, of the Philippine condition, and to search for meaning mediated by language, imagery, metaphor, and the act of naming human experience. Some of the works problemize exile, OFW-life, estrangement, and alienation, and the most absurd iniquitous situation in the Philippines and elsewhere. A number of these poems worn recognition from the Commission on the Filipino Language, Republic of the Philippines.

2.     EPISTOLARIO TI EXILO Ken Dadduma Pay a Daniw [Letter of an Exile and Other Poems]  [Made up of 50 poems the nucleus of which are the poems that won first prize at the Commission on the Filipino Language for Ilokano poetry, the collection looks into the meat and substance of exile, migration, estrangement, homing, and connects these issues to the question of returning, justice, democracy, and confrontation with history.]

3.     NAKEM: Salaysay iti Lengguahe, Kultura, Literatura, ken Kritisimo (Nakem: Essays on Language, Culture, Literature, and Criticism)  [Made up of select essays in Ilokano, the anthology looks at the issues on language and culture from the framework of justice, democracy, and liberatory education. Includes critical essays on Ilokano literature.]

4.     DESAPERECIDO Ken Dadduma Pay a Sarita (Desaperecido and Other Stories) [Stories about faith, religion, revolution, exile, diaspora, migration, and homing. Also includes stories about resistance, sorrow, redemption, grief in the context of an oppressive society such as the Philippines.]

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