Life in America

(Translation of the lyrics by Ernie Bautista and Ping Lopez)

I thought is it good, this life in America.
If you do not work, you do not have the dollah
From Monday to Sunday, you got no rest
Aye, you work two jobs
You work to pay your debts.

When payday comes, you get overjoyed
Right away you go to the bank to deposit your check
Only to realize that the bills await
If only Uncle Sam won’t take half of the pay
Something could be left with you.


Life in America is like this, sonny
Time is gold, the lazy are not allowed here
Life is America is like this, young lady
Move fast and work all you can.

Life in America is like this, poppy,
Young, old women, old men are the same
Life in America is like this, momma
Everything is insured, even the cat and dog.

Ad Lib:
You do all the work, no one waits on you
You cook, you wash, you iron, you clean
You take care of the children, you got no housemaid
You will not believe it coz it is incredible
But our life is like this.

Reperat Chorus

Our life is like this in America… (2X)

Feb. 14, 2006
Honolulu, HI

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