Loveless on Valentine’s

(For all OFW's on Valentine's)

This is a corny joke.
You are loveless on Valentine’s
And all you see are flowers in bloom,
Red and bloody in their secret scents
Taking hold of our waking hearts.
How can we ever dream of reversals
When all what we have got are quick
Trips to memories of a future gone past?
Like that tryst of skin on skin
Hers the promise of moons and stars
Yours the vow of relevance?
It is this language of touch, like lips locked
Intertwined so we cannot go away
From all the loving and the feelings
We need to remind ourselves
That after tonight, in some other nights,
There, in the dark of early hours,
We can get teary-eyed from it all,
This loveless lover seeking
One other loveless love.
It is the rhythm of the universe,
The dance of the spirit,
The energy of suns striking hard
On the awaiting land, earth, see
Sand, and surf—these singeing suns in us,
Their rays breaking through in our
Already broken heart. And then we
See the birthing of laughter as we open up
To the music of our mind meeting
A kindred mind. Did we say that
Two could be one in an embrace
Of selves originally far apart?
Now, on this Valentine’s
We commence this ceremony
Of loves declared, declaimed, desired.

A Solver Agcaoili
Hon, HI
Feb 8/08

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