Rumor of an Assassination

0. The leader says...

When the people are enraged,
You give them the rumor
Of an assassination.

1. The masses say...

Like sacred words
sanctified and then murdered
for reasons beyond life sentences
such as what we have got.

We are a people of profuse tears
and lost courage and aborted loves
because there is much to forget
such as our memories of injustice,
an idea without flesh on plates
with our martyrs' head, their blood
in our hands as well as those of their
paid assassins and their masters.

We do not know if, we cannot say
we gave them the eulogy for a good death
but ours is the blessing so we can go on
coaxing the sorrowing streets
and dark days to keep watch over us
join us once more in this struggle
that has not given us rest.

The martyrs take in all the bullets
and presidents lie about their deaths.
The lying is the poetry
of a heart with no knowledge
of what mercy can give to the masses
like a meal to celebrate
the return of graces.

3. The leader says...

Like the false messenger,
the rumor of an assassination
is part prophecy and its opposite.

4. The masses say...

We have heard of words
like this, and we began to believe
until we gave them forgiveness
so they all can begin again
with their diabolical deed.

Some of them, many of them,
and now, now, these thousand deaths.

A Solver Agcaoili
Hon, HI
Feb 18/08

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