Our Streets Cry Out

MANILA, Philippines -- Religious groups and leftwing militants on Monday held a rally for the third day running in support of whistle-blower Rodolfo Noel “Jun” Lozada Jr., as other groups warned of a bigger protest on Friday to demand the resignation of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Inquirer, Feb. 12/08

It is an old covenant story.

It was the prophet's threat
to the ruler who beads the rosary,
beg all to the archangels, even
worships the wooden idols
by touching their feet, light
and loving. Is there a pre-
meditation in all this,
the gesture of Fridays,
whether first or last?
There is excess in the promise
and she breaks, he breaks,
they break every word.
In the end, the utterance
of power becomes liquid
spills onto the ground,
past the sentries
past the secure gates
of palaces by the reeking river
the palaces of clerics
friars, robbers, some honorable men
some cheats, men and women
who go beyond what goodness is.
The dark liquid gets into the street
touches our rage, heat upon heat
and we explode, volcano like
and the dark days become years
and in an instant, the crying out
comes to a lifetime of mercy
grief, relief. Stone upon stone,
as in street upon street,
we demand in its fullness
the glory of our gifts.
We are a people too,
and this is what we seek.

The banners will fly
as the posters, and our legs
walk to trample upon
the beginnings of barbed wires.
We had done it.
And today we will do it.

A Solver Agcaoili
Hon, HI
Feb 11/08

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