Among journalists, the phrase is simple enough: writing thirty.

It is euphemism, of course, and it softens the blow of someone passing on to the next life. In a span of several days, Manong Rey Duque had company--or kept him company with the death of Onofre D. Corpuz, Margaret Thatcher, Vilma Labrador, and Willy Esposo.

Dr Corpuz I know him from books, with his reading of Philippine history a bit more enlightened than those historians whose intention is to sell textbooks that can be had from Morayta.

Prime Minister Thatcher I know her from television and political discourse, much more on British-entricism, with the whole world spinning around her Britain and all it implicates.

Dr Labrador I know, and seen last, in December 2012 at a Talaytayan meeting that drew up our support for the Senate version of the MLE Bill. Before that meeting, we had the Nakem 2012 International Conferece in San Fernando City, and participants signed a resolution in support of the House version of the MLE Bill.

The educator Dr Labrador was quiet in that meeting.

She had concern about how to present community support for Senator Loren Legarda's MLE initiative. She was by then working as a consultant in that office, and had not wavered in her belief of the justness of the MLE cause.

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