Ay-ayam iti Numero

Game in Number

it is the game
we play
to temp fate,
the good
we who dream
of better seasons
of better climes
even when the winds
kick in,
the strong one
to muzzle us into
not believing the gift
the numbers offer,
the five numbers
to make us hope again,
the mega number
to make us see
the promise
of possibilities
like the way
the oldest
of the three
men imagining
the winnings seeing
houses and cars
for the two younger ones
dreaming of a grand
for them three
to rest
the tired bones,
tired from carrying
all the burdens
of the memory of loss
and wanting
for something more
to keep hanging on
in life as in love.

we do it the quick pick
way, make it
a lump sum
all the time
to share
the taxes with
those who had hoped
with you
a long time ago,
those who divined
the stars
and from there
see the light
of moonshadows
some vision perhaps,
some sense of sameness
in the game we play
during the storm seasons
of our wild wild dreams
in this city
and country
we have come to to find
self and sorrow
money and magic
destiny and desire.

so we play with
the numbers,
ala pot luck.
we put in all
our last dollars,
put them together
in prayer
and in this night
of our abandoned
we see numbers
the reign
of kings,
of thieves,
of cheats,
and kindness.

A.S. Agcaoili
Torrance, CA
Oct 24, 2005

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