Wolf Moon

Tonight's full moon will be the biggest and brightest full moon of the year. It offers anyone with clear skies an opportunity to identify easy-to-see features on the moon. Robert Roy Britt, Space.com, Jan 29/10

Like all life coming from the world
into the universe of miracles

they gave you a name,
Wold Moon of this magic

we witness tonight.
The Almanac says it is your first

but other moons will come
with the seasons of grace.

So from the dark alley of this longing
for many absences touching me now

I go out to watch you peak into
what Light there is, you light

in this city I have come to
thousands of miles away

from where I first saw you
with my young heart when first love

got into me somehow, fell for
the one that spelled Love.

The wolves in my new city
have been banished into backyards

hidden away from the streets
like the wolves of the city

I left behind: hidden in palaces
hidden in military camps

hidden in offices of honorable men
who know how to pull the trigger

and snuff out the life of lovers,
multiple and eternal, but now

mortally wounded by the dark
that comes to grip us in fear.

They have learned to hide,
these wolves everywhere.

And they speak the language
of the wise and we listen.

But tonight, even as you come
into full view, O Wolf Moon,

I will not hear the howling
of the brute that adored you.

But I will stay outside,
on the corner of doubt

and praise and on my watch
time you as you slide to a caricature

of the ephemeral luminosity
of a sad sad exilic life like mine.

Hon, HI

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