Another Migrant Coming

For Larry because you remember all

We all are migrants on earth,

This life too if you remember.

Naked we were born and naked

We will all go to the grave

Here or elsewhere as we go on and on

With the crooked lies and avenues

The days and hours offer to us

Even in our sleep. We have come this far,

You have come this far

And there is no turning back the tales

We leave behind as we all

Splurge in sorrow, despair too,

Loneliness sputtering, stopping

Us on our tracks as we keep the song

In our generous hearts, one of love,

Solitude as we nurse each pain

That keeps us alive, the senses searing

Our souls, making us marked by time.

Welcome, migrant, lots of good luck.

Aurelio S. Agcaoili

Los Angeles, CA

*Recipient of the 2004 Editor's Choice Award, ILP

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