What Do You Do When Friends Have Only Good Word About the World

(For Koy for the kindness & for Nympha for the prayers)


You cannot fake goodness.

Like the sun that streaks

Through the countless windows of our hearts,

You can only feign surrender and sorrow

That has no name

When friends stay by the roadside

To watch you go through the route

To reason and no regret

To the feast that breaks the fast.

It is life lived and only lived that defines

The quiet demand for everyday courage.

The virtue comes in a tablet form or capsule

Like a Lipitor to remove the cholesterol

In the weakening soul,

Giving up sometimes the energy that it has

Giving up sometimes the faith it has kept.


We can only thank the countries we have come

Into to revisit the story of each self-sacrifice

We have gathered like stones to their moss,

The hardening of the arteries in our connection

To hope-giving springs

To a biting chill in the air

To the colors of fall other than greens and greys.

The heart hardens in the winter cold

When the living has not much chance yet,

Well, not yet in these dimming lights

As we come into the gathering dark

Broken and scared but thankful for the little things

Like the good word said by not saying it

Like the good word uttered in silence

Like the good word realized

Like a light snow falling on the lips

In this accustomed absence of speech.


We thank all, we are grateful

To all that have come to us

To all that will come after

Even when the present moment

Is the only time that matters.

Aurelio S. Agcaoili

Nov. 29, 2004

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