Benazir is dead, democracy is born

Benazir is dead but democracy is born.
We had the same story years ago.
The people will live forever as we do.
Only that those who command the killing
Are alive as well even if they bomb themselves
To nothingness. Except that, of course,
Presidents know how to squander our chances
Because they do not know what life
Is in the streets, with our changing
Going wrong most of the time
As what comes of our lips are lamentations
And the dirges of mothers, fathers
And the thieves of spirits.
We saw the blood, and it is in the news
Fresh with the message of turmoil
As well as courage. These extremes,
What do we get indeed, from murdering
Our dreams to murdering other people's
Dreams? What do the shrines say, the mosques
The angels? How soon do we call everyone
Martyrs except those who are condemned?

Benazir is dead. We are alive for the kiss.

A Solver Agcaoili
Hon, HI
Dec 27, 2007

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