Academia Ilocano

ACADEMIA ILOCANO to be formed. 

Part of the constitution and by-laws of the Nakem Conferences is the formation of Academia Ilokano. The Guild of Ilokano Writers-America and The Guild of Ilokano Writers-Global have both adopted the same idea in their constitution, and we first talked about this at our first-ever 2008 IALC, the Ilokano Amianan Languages and Cultures Conference held at the Philippine Consulate General in Honolulu in October 2008.

Now, now: it is high time we are going to be serious with this especially now that the johnny-come-latelies are multiplying like Ilokano mannagadu.

The Academia Ilocano will only be invitational, and is meant to ensure that the Ilokano language will be enriched as it should be enriched.

We will update you on this issue.

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