Or how to deconstruct the il/logic of that proposal. 

He says: "Sa pamamagitan ng Ortograpiyang Pambansa, magiging iisa na ang baybay ng isang salita na ginagamit sa ibat-ibang wika na iisa ang kahulugan. Tulad halimbawa ng salitang pamilya sa Filipino, itoy ay mababaybay na rin sa pamilya sa Ilokano at hindi na gaya ng dati na pamilia. Mainam ito para sa mga mag-aaral lalo na sa mga nagsisimula pa lamang magbasa at magsulat. Mapapadali ang bridging process mula sa mother tongue patungo sa Filipino bilang pangalawang wika." (p. 2)

(1) The 'imagined' Ortograpiyang Pambansa is intended for the imagined 'Filipino' some uninformed continue to insist that it exists. Any intelligent student of language, assuming that person was not absent in his Linguistics 101 classes, or a class in Philosophy of Language, or a class on Society and Language, that: 1. Two languages must be mutually unintelligible to be considered two languages, and that 2. These two languages must have a different syntax, or word order, or how the words are arranged to come up with a different way of expressing. When we place Tagalog and the imagined P/Filipino side by side, we have these results: 1. They are mutually intelligible and 2. They have the same syntax.

Now, now, somebody is lying.

(2) The example 'pamilya' in Ilokano does not advance his cause. Lopes must remember that prior to the change of the Ilokano rendering of 'familia' (borrowed from the Spanish), it was rendered as 'familia' as such and that the idioticization into 'pamilia' is a result of negotiation and compromise within the Liwayway Publishing Inc. Liwayway decided to follow the Lope K Santos ABAKADA that veritably killed the 'F' among others. Now, Bannawag was--and continues to be--part of LPI, and was 'forced' to follow the Santoicization of the Ilokano orthography, and thus, the resulting 'pamilia' rendering. This loss of the 'F' has rendered the Ilokano language less intellectual for the reason that it can no longer render words with the 'F.'

(3) The other point here is Lopez's declaration of servitude to the 'imagined' OP and the PW he is so in-love with at the expense of his own language, and which language he now wants to destroy.

(4) His presumption about 'mainam ito para sa mga mag-aaral' is a hypothesis, and thus untested. He claims something he has not proven.

(5) His claim to 'mapapadali ang bridging process' is a reductionist understanding of what MTB-MLE is all about, and thus, completely failing to see that this 'enhanced education act' is a new way of doing things, a new thinking, a new educational direction, and a new educational philosophy.

WPH/23 Jan 2014

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