Another Day Comes to Claim Us

We count the days of homelessness

In terms of tears and blood. Gallons

And gallons of tears and blood that

Go with hoping and forgiving,

Dying and living anew,

In symbols and metaphors,

In sweet sorrow and sad song.

We don't give up, like the ironies

In our work in Calabasas or the pains

Of remembrances in the care homes

That never listened to our dawn sobs.

These places are witnesses

To our coming. We arrive in droves.

With innocence in our lips,

We present the cancelled tickets

To cancel our tourists' trips.

At our ports of entry, the knowing

Look of guards connive with our guts

And another day of migrant's life

Come to merrily, merrily claim us.

Aurelio S. Agcaoili


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