Spirit Hungering for Colors

It comes so easy, this sadness in black.

It is summer here & the heat rises

to remind us all of the lies of spring,

the ruses of fall & the sins of man,

women and those who pray for glory

who pray for gold.

There are many of these kinds

in Los Angeles, down towards

the Wilshire boulevard of the capitalists

and spirit brokers,

those who know how to spell

God's name in reverse,

their utterance real,

their action more than so.

There have been a number of us

who have come to believe

in Monday miracles, blessings too

all year round even

as they empty our pockets

as they mortgage our name.

How much longer we say, how much?

The spirit hungers for the bread

that comes from our trying to be kind.

It comes not so easy, this joy in blue.

Aurelio S. Agcaoili

Los Angeles, CA


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