Lots of Luck, Sister

(Another OFW raped in Kuwait, a news from a Fil-Am paper

in Los Angeles)

Another Filipino raped in Kuwait,

The paper says, sister to my soul,

All ancient souls seeing us through

In this our night. We are all exiles

Here, sister, scattered here and there

To eke out that one penultimate life

We can and should where the money

Buys more rice and fish and penance.

We put water on the gruel, add some salt,

And we remember you being abused,

Heart, mind, loins, breast offered

In the altar of excess and grievous sin

In our islands, other islands, other lands

Even in the one where you gave up

The blood on your lips, legs, eyelids

The warmth of your youthful embrace.

I hear the cry, your wailing ripping walls

Your begging for death gripping us,

We who bear witness to your saving grace.

Aurelio S. Agcaoili

Carson/Torrance, CA



Dave said...

Very nicely put together site. I just happened on it via the "next blog" route. Lots of good reading here.
Regards - Dave

ariel said...

Dear Dave,

Thank you so much. Please let me know how to get to your blog as well. I understand you must be in the UK.