A Swindler's Sunday

Because we all

Believe in her lies

The swindler comes

With us to pray.

We are

At the cathedral

Of the angels

That welcomes us in,

Migrants all

And beggars,

Rich and those

Who hold

Onto the last

High hopes only

The heavens can give.

She kneels

With us

In the front pew,

Her veil

The color of clouds

In the summer

Days of Long Beach

Or San Pedro.

The sermon speaks

Of vast spaces

For promises

To come true

And we say


In chorus with her.

Despite her presence

We sing

Of alleluias

A million times.

We ask the Virgin,

Immaculate and mute:

Give us thoughts,

Pure, clean thoughts

At this hour.

The swindler runs

Away with our fears,

Our dreams

Of a USA dollar.

Aurelio S. Agcaoili

The Cathedral of the Angels

Los Angeles, CA


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