Nightfall in Indianapolis, One

(For Moustafa, and then, for Salve)

Lovers come and go like predawn lights

In Indiana, past the Parthenon of a new

And renewed love, this last one a gift,

God-given, a reward for coming to grief.

But the beloved stays, lingers a little

Longer to entwine with the sadnesses

Of beds, linens, pillows, cares

All awaiting coupling with the alien,

Strange beasts of our privileged

Life stories pulsing with hopes,

Pulsating with nightfalls, dreams,

Gyrating, radiating with sunsets,

The orange of young eves,

The green of luscious lawns

Surrounding the home of your heart

Come alive, your with her,

She with you in that one

Ultimate call for song,

You and the belowed dueting

In the chorus of forms.

Aurelio S. Agcaoili

Los Angeles, CA


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