The Picture Telling All

(Angelo dela Cruz, an OFW, is poised to die.- a news item)

The picture tells all, Angelo.

The masked men, armed with faith,

And their guns are about to snap

Your back and take that as swee good luck.

They might call that too as a passport

To some heavens not found here in America

Nor in the countries where we toil

To pursue the dream we cannot have

At home and in the homeland.

We can only be afraid now

Of the morrow that is not yet come,

One defined by blood, ransomed by blood.

Do we blame your captors for this bad show?

Do we blame the tyrants for their rule

Of law, their rhetoric of pure sorrow?

I see the candles now in your hometown

The poor light for your journey

And the president sheds a tear or two.

It is always this way, Angelo,

This calvary that we carry, the cross

For centuries and centuries too heavy.

In the meantime, our politicos eagle eye

For bribes, their women for cheap loves.

Aurelio S. Agcaoili

Artesia, CA


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