Hollywood From Your Window

From the 47th Street and your years

Of waging war and inner peace,

Hollywood looms large to you,

This city on the north from your

Sad sorrow in this early fog at five.

You see life lived in silverscreens,

Sexy sirens seducing your quick wits,

Low quotient for the painful prose

You wrote for seven times seven gratis,

More when you own the urgent pantings

Of lusting lovers, their lost anguish

For your double-your-dollar taste.

You trace the rays of the late winter

Sun as it bathes this Dreamland,

The ruddy rays stirring rivulets

Of ruses residing in your ever unhappy

Heart. You smile a bit, conspiring

With the celluloid man, the smile

A sly, submitting to the suddenness

Of that first fall in the mind.

Aurelio S. Agcaoili

Hollywood, CA


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