Miting de Avance for Ayi

(For a son who writes poems about his love for his land)

Young man, welcome to the world, worded

Divine and pristine, uncorrupted. You are

Going to be past the teeny-teeny wishes

Of your youthful years. Nineteen is some

Game, some kind of a peek-a-boo for

Poetry in rallies, the one you join in, go

With to shout it out with your lungs out

The ugly reality of a nation's life,

One defined by cheap fish now inflated

To include egos of presidents and actors,

Crazies all in cahoots with crazed luck.

No, we made the luck, with the votes

And all, with our forgiving hearts,

Unable to whack the child in them,

The impostors and pretenders of country

Love, loves. Pretty soon you will see all.

At twenty you will see the bravado

Of braggarts, politicians, their alias.

Aurelio S. Agcaoili



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