Friday Blessing

This is the Friday I dreamed of

On a Friday, the last of loves

Told in tall tales

Even as we weave again

Our dreams of a hundredfold

Of arrivals, departures too

From within the spaces

Of our quickening hearts.

I come fully on this Friday

Of our homing.

On this day, I receive the blessing

Whole and entire and new:

Your coming to me once again

In the bright light

Despite the clouds the cold

The quiver of our feebled voices

Wording our covenant song.

This is the Friday blessed

By spiritsseasonssinssorrows

Redemption too in full color.

Aurelio S. Agcaoili



Occam said...

I came across your blog by clicking the "Next Blog" button, and I am very happy that I did. Your poetry is deep and complex, yet simple all at the same time. You say in three stanzas what would take me three pages.

"Friday Blessing" is phenomenal. Your work is awe inspiring.

ariel said...

Dear Josh:
Thank you so much. But let me have the privilege of knowing you. I would be honored if you will give me this opportunity of getting to know you better.
Again, my thanks.
Ariel Agcaoili

ariel said...

dear josh:
i am not too sure if you are interested to look into my other blogs. my children are doing the rearranging and the restructuring which is why my works are everywhere.

at any rate, you might want to consider looking into these sites:

there are some technical problems in some of these blogs--as you might discover (such as ilocano poems being found in the english blog; english poems in the filipino blog, etc. but then again, you need to forgive me b/c for one thing, i am not a techie (i rely on my children for design) and also--i write--or i pretend to write (hahahahahaha!) in three languages.

so there, thanks again.

ariel agcaoili