Edong Dumayas On His Birthday

He brings in the sunshine, this man,

Friend and sometimes foe to our grim

Tasks of exile. He brings in the rain

And laughter and love in intricate

Ways like lanes narrow and wide webbing

Throughout the world of our late lunch.

In the night when he thinks of you all

In your hunger and need and muted cries,

He draws you to the delight of McDonald's.

This is the man who has made

This Benetton country his home.

Today he speaks of divine desires,

Of helping those with lesser

Fortune and fate, and lesser luck.

He comes around in circles sometimes

To tell you of terrible truths

On the duty to be alive,

The duty not to starve even

Without the dollars, the green bucks

Of his dreams and now ours.

Aurelio S. Agcaoili

Gardena, CA


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