To Act Justly Despite Fear

(For Salve, Rose, Gigi, Efren, & Mervin)

This is the first day of the chill,

The one that goes into your cord

In a long line of a journey beginning

Each split second, each cold chaos

That comes close to a masked threat

From sick days such as this one.

You do not know what is next

But you keep hanging on to the faith

That delivers the grace, the strength

Of heart and the manifold meanings

Of holding on and moving on

From rain-soaked mornings

To sun-soaked daylight hours,

The times to await caring calls

From friends as well as from angels,

Those that we have prayed to,

Asked for that daring that makes

A difference, the one that calls

Out to the unclear clouds,

Those that talk to us

In crisp tones like good words

Coming from the throat of liars

Or those whose business is to fool

Some more to live and lie some more

Steal promises if necessary

Snatch dreams if necessary

Rob us of our innocence if necessary

Deny us of what is ours if necessary

Even those given to us by the gods

In fate as in our act to right wrongs

In courage as in our desire to dream

Again and again in coalescing colors.

Today is a day of fear and fright.

Today is a day of God's mercy

Even as we bow down to ask some

More some benediction and blessing.

Despite all is the need to act justly.

Despite this fear is the urgency

To do good, get past the choking

Feeling that creeps into your bones.

Aurelio S. Agcaoili

Dec. 1, 2004

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