Border Crossing

You stand there in the streetcorners

Of Western-Carson, your transient lives

In your pockets, peso-less, dollar-less

As of yet in the first lights.

For days and days on end, in ritual,

You despair of delirious delights

On your country comedor and creaking cots.

Good, gracious tamales and tacos

And the telltale truths of exile

Preluding long-lasting loving

And singing in the summers, in the rains

In Cancun, Juarez, Tijuana, the towns.

This is the life, we both say, me

A Manila man, both myth and metaphor

And you, resilient residents of empires,

Small marvels of riveting redemption

From the gods we both own and despise.

Go on, pilgrim paƱeros, soul brothers.

The borders crossed us, defiled us.

But we must go on, we must hang on.

Aurelio S. Agcaoili

Torrance, CA


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