Firedancer, In Another Light

You are

The firedancer

In another light.

You tease the late

Lights of dusk,

Take them into

Your bossom


That they were

Born of you.

The lights suckle

From your grief,

Each day of good grief

That knows

No end.

He dreams

Of fire, you say.

She dreams

Of light, you say.

He touches

Fire, you say,

Even as you dance

To the frenzied

Crescendo of

Crackling fire,


All the memory

Of flesh,

All the flesh

Of memory,

All the bodies

Of firedancers


All the fires

To dance,

Swirl and twirl

With the red

Of blaze,

The yellow of



All, rejoicing

With the riot

Of drunken songs,

The rite of

Lovers on fire.

Aurelio S. Agcaoili

Dec. 14, 2004

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